Saturday 21 January 2012

The End of DUI

There's a nice piece in Wired, Feb 2012, "The Robot Drive; The autonomous car of the future is here". Google, Mercedes and BMW all have autonomous, auto-driven, cars in the works. The potential up-side is that you can get as hammered as you want in your local waterhole, and then stumble into your car and say, "Home, Jeeves", and thou shalt arrive safely at home, intact and beneath the radar.

Unfortunately, one problem persists: how are you to make it from the parked automobile to the doorway of your house? We're working on it; perhaps a robot equipped for rain and snow, waiting at the front door or the garage door, holding an arm akimbo and waiting for you to catch hold, then gracefully guiding you into your home.

The stairs to the bedroom present the next problem, not in itself insurmountable. You could even install an Acorn Stairlift to get you up the stairs to the bedroom.

But then comes the truly insurmountable problem: upon arrival in the boudoir, what does one say to one's spouse? On that question, technology falls on its face.


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