Wednesday 22 February 2012

Memo to Dominique Strauss-Khan: Time for a new lawyer?

Dominique Strauss-Khan, former managing director of the IMF and then considered the likely Socialist Party presidential candidate, until his career was shipwrecked when he was accused of attempted rape in New York, was held for questioning Tuesday morning regarding certain parties (orgies) held in New York and Paris, and embezzlement to pay for them.

His lawyer, Henri LeClerc, said in an interview on Europe 1, a French radio station, on the matter, "He could easily not have known, because as you can imagine, at these kinds of parties you're not always dressed, and I challenge you to distinguish a naked prostitute from any other naked woman."

The mind reels. I find myself imagining a quiz show. "Three of these ten nude lovelies are prostitutes. Guess which three and you win a million dollars!" Maybe we could call it "Slumdog Millionaire". No, that's taken. "By hooker crook?"

While DSK's political career may be beyond resuscitation, considering his age there might be a second career for him -- in Viagra commercials.

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