Tuesday 27 March 2012

A Great Photographer

For a couple of decades I have known an excellent man named Raymond LaFontaine, and just recently I met his brother, Jacques, by telephone. Raymond apparently told him that I had opinions about the art of photography that were worth reading. I have written on this subject, and have had the pleasure of knowing some great photographers, my favourite perhaps being Fletcher Starbuck, of whose prize takes I own but one. There's also Ansel Adams, Diane Arbus (how's that for opposites attract?) and several others.

Geology equals physiology. A face, taken correctly, reflects a life. That is what captured me about photography and why I love it so much. I just found this site, and I am drop-dead in love with it.


Be careful and grab the whole URL, and it's magnificent, but I want to focus your attention upon my new acquaintace Jacques LaFontaine. He has captured so much about this diverse country that we call Canada, and even though we only met so far by phone and Internet, I hope to meet this man and become his friend. His photos are technically brilliant, and that only describes their geometry and colour. He goes way beyond those simple maxims and into the adventure that is Art. Pay attention to this man! These achievements are (in the phrase of software developers) nonTrivial. This person has changed the landscape of the mind.

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