Friday 14 December 2012

Save the children. From our guns.

There are 2 to 100 times more gun murders and suicides per capita in the US than in other developed countries. 

You could argue that if US adults are crazy enough to elect politicians who are in the pocket of the gun lobby, if they're crazy enough to elect them over and over again, maybe they deserve their bloody fates.

But a child living in the US is 42 times more likely to die from gun violence than a child living in other developed countries.

Nobody has the right to do that to children.

Starting with the Appeaser-in-Chief, US politicians and pundits have already resumed the chant, "Now is not the time to debate gun control". 

This is exactly the time. 

Eliot Spitzer said it best:
There's the old line, now is not the time to talk politics. Let's be clear. Silence is politics. Silence is cowardice. Silence is acquiescence. Silence is what the NRA wants. Those who are silent should be thrown out of politics ... If you are silent, you are a coward. 
The biggest terrorist menace in the US is the NRA. Now isn't the time to be a coward.

P.S. To get a little closer to the 20 kids and six teachers killed at Sandy Hook, goto and scroll down to the slideshow.

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