Wednesday 14 December 2011

Neal Stephenson

I cannot express how much I admire this man's creations! Even his first attempt, Zodiac, evinced abundant promise, but then he unleashed SnowCrash, a milestone in s-f, at once prophetic and hilarious and black-humour a-la Thomas Pynchon's "V"; and then came all the others.

I have several book-towers, and within each several shelves. Neal occupies an entire shelf. There is a bit of space for his next works, but so far I have them all, and have treasured each and every one. SnowCrash made me laugh and occasionally cry, too. Cryptonomicon made me dig back into the source literature and study up on the math-history of WWII, and Turing, et. al. The Diamond Age is a masterpiece. This man is a once-in-a-century writer. To be objective, I must say that I was unenthused by Ananthem; it didn't work for me, either on the initial premise or its development. So be it. I'm not about to cast hot irons upon the most talented author of his generation, if not the century. I shall permit his occasional mistakes, and permit him to live. LOL.

There's only one way to save your soul, Neal. I'll do the screensplays and you'll collect Huge Loot for the rights, and it shall be my task to make your books a reality. I think SnowCrash would be the toughest one; let's begin with The Diamond Age, which would obviously require some serious CGI but I'm cool with writing that.


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